Even an act as simple as looking and reaching to pick up a cup recruits neurons throughout the brain. What are these neurons saying to each other? Read More…


Neurons in different regions of the brain have access to different kinds of information. When we are faced with a choice, the different regions exchange information with each other. Who decides? Read More…


Language is a uniquely human property of the brain but speaking depends on constructing a sensory-motor interface, something all brains must do. How are our brains unique? Read More…

Brain mapping

Understanding how neurons work together in large-scale circuits depends on developing new technologies to precisely map, monitor and control neuronal activity across the circuit. Read More…

Brain-machine Interfaces

Advanced technologies are needed to treat neurological disorders. We are studying how to sample neural signals in the brain to develop reliable and effective neural interfaces for clinical translation. Read More…

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@theta_monkey @AllenNeuroLab @JamesMHyman @Nathanatos2 The reason is methodological concerns (noise level, signal sensitivity) differ across frequencies.

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@theta_monkey @AllenNeuroLab @JamesMHyman @Nathanatos2 The challenge of proving a negative is fundamentally limiting. If oscillation X is present in your data under experiment 1 but not under experiment 2 then you can conclude something stronger. If oscillation X is present, I don't think you can conclude much about Y even if absent.

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Next-generation brain implants with more than a thousand electrodes can survive for more than six years… via @medical_xpress

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