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Postdoctoral Fellow
James Sun


Detecting microseizures in epilepsy

Beta and gamma in verbal working memory

Modulation of beta with electrical stimulation

James is a MD/PhD student at NYU Grossman School of Medicine in the neuroscience graduate program. He is interested in how electrical stimulation can be used to treat brain disease, especially epilepsy and memory disorders. He is co-mentored by Dr. Pesaran and by Dr. Dan Friedman, MD at NYU. Prior to joining Bijan’s lab, he studied a cell surface protein in glioblastoma under the guidance of Dr. Dimitris Placantonakis, MD, PhD at NYU. During his postbaccalaureate at Penn, he worked on 3D genome folding in trinucleotide repeat expansion diseases such as Fragile X syndrome under the mentorship of Dr. Jennifer Phillips-Cremins, PhD. James is originally from Philadelphia, PA, and enjoys golf and spending time with his Corgi puppy, Maddy.