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Postdoctoral Fellow
Shaoyu Qiao


Brain mapping

Shaoyu is interested in neural interfaces and neuroprosthetics, both in the central and peripheral nervous systems. In the Pesaran lab,  he focuses specifically on developing a closed-loop microstimulation system to target the cortical and subcortical decision-action networks in non-human primates performing a probabilistic reinforcement learning task to help develop new treatments for neuropsychiatric conditions. The work involves measuring physiological-functional map of the mesolimbic circuit and correcting maladaptive plasticity in the circuit through microstimulation based upon the decision variables predicted by an actor-critic computational model. Prior to joining the lab, he received his Ph.D. in Biomedical Engineering at Purdue University in 2014, with Dr. Ken Yoshida. Shaoyu is now Neural Engineering Lead at Paradromics in Austin TX.